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A dinner experience to indulge the senses

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Blind Owl, the grand meister of The Elk-Owl Society
personally invites you to another one of his secret gatherings.
It will be a night of mystery and lavishness.
For sensuality, presence and connection.

14 blindfolded guests. 4 hours.
A feast for your mouth and your senses.
Prepare for incredible flavors, generous wine
and a night of games and indulgence.

Are you ready for us? We are ready for you.

$100 USD

Brooklyn, NY



Is this even real? The most lavish experience I’ve been to. We felt like Moroccan kings being fed the glory of life. I don’t know if I’ll ever experience something like this again.
— Anonymous Guest

Each Lights Out experience is unique.

Each course is designed to be an explosion in the mouth and different games and interactions push our guests out of their comfort zones in a night that most describe as one of the best experiences they’ve had.

...and that’s as much as we can tell 


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At the Elk Owl Society we understand the brevity of life and we are committed to squeezing its juice to the fullest extent of our ability

We believe in ritual, in history, in legacy, in alchemy, in sound, in words, in nature and in sensuality as the qualities of food that can be explored to create emotion. 

We believe in anticipation and participation as fundamental aspects of our experiences.



We recognize our skills as artists to read deeper, to create wonder, to engineer emotions, to be sensitive to the slightest energies and most delicate things, and we are committed to use those skills to guide and to create spaces for as many other humans and creatures as we can reach 

We believe in love as the main force of nature, and in connection and emotion as the main purposes of our existence. All our actions and experiences seek to generate one of these three things.



We believe in food, not only as the necessary source of energy that keeps our magnificent bodies functioning, but also as the fundamental clay that cements our bonds, friendships and connections at the deepest levels. 

We believe in ingredients as a gate to emotion. We believe in stories as a way to understand who we are. Both combined create the fabric of social connection. 

We pursue beauty, honesty and wisdom




Next date soon